Pure Hemp CBD Cigarettes (20-Pack)

$15.99 $12.99

Our CBD cigarettes take the edge off and satisfies your urge for a smoke. Tobacco-free, nicotine-free, and additive-free. Made with 100% organically grown hemp flower. Hemp is a close cousin to MJ, but does not get you high. 50mg of CBD in each smoke. 

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No Nicotine
 No Tobacco
No chemicals No additives
Made from 100% CBD
40,000+ happy customers
42 day money back guarantee
Farmed under the Californian sun

Not your grandma's cigarette

We use organically-grown hemp flower, rich in CBD, which provides a satisfying and smooth smoke. We double lab test our hemp to ensure no chemicals, additives or pesticides.

Kick the habit

A nicotine-free cigarette with a familiar look and feel can help satisfy the oral-fixation and habitual triggers to smoke

Keep the ritual

Designed to smoke and look like your normal cigarette, so you won’t miss your morning coffee and smoke.

Take the edge off

Our smokes help take the edge off while leaving you highly functional. Good for the morning, afternoon and night.

For the curious
How long does it take to ship?

We process and fulfill orders within 2 business days. If you order M-F prior to 11am, your order will be fulfilled and shipped the same day, otherwise it will be fulfilled and shipped the following day. We do not fulfill orders over the weekend, unfortunately.

Where do you ship? How?

We ship to all US states with the exception of Iowa, as smokable hemp flower still remains illegal there. Our packs are mailed in regular, large, padded white envelopes. The envelopes are discreet.

What's in them?

All natural hemp-flower, sourced from California. Our hemp flower has 8% CBD + CBG and trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3%). Don’t worry, you will not get high and it is completely legal in all 50 states. 

What does it smoke like?

It smokes like a light cigarette, and that's on purpose. We don't use any additives or chemicals that are traditionally used and result in a harsher burn. Our smokes also burn a bit faster than a normal cigarette, because we use additive-free paper. 

What does it taste + smell like?

Our smokes taste and smell similarly to cannabis, but not as strong. Generally it's a smooth and flavorful smoke. That said, if you do not like the smell or taste of cannabis these may not be for you!

What is the paper + filter made of?

We use unbleached wood pulp paper as our rolling papers. These burn a bit quicker than normal cigarette paper, but that's because they're additive + chemical free. We also use biodegradable filters made of plant-cellulose.

Is it safe to smoke?

No, the combustion and inhalation of any plant and paper material is still harmful. This is made for smokers who need help quitting or cutting back.


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United States United States

hits the spot

I've already tried them out and they've really hit the spot. I'm going to let my friends know so hopefully they can make the switch if they so desire. You only get one body, and I'd like to take care of mine while still getting to share a smoke or two with friends.

Caleb G.
United States United States

Semi Satisfied

Mostly decent besides the fact I paid for over night express shipping however it was almost a whole week before I received my shipment.

United States United States

First time

My experience was awesome!

Tucker W.
United States United States

four, almost five stars

My only complaint is that the menthol smokes could be stronger menthol flavor. I haven’t had many yet, but they down even compare to a camel crush, for example. Also, I don’t smoke tobacco anymore so I don’t use OK smokes for cessation. I do, however, like incorporating them into Js like a spliff (as a substitute for tobacco).

Andrea M.
United States United States

Absolutely perfect for me!

Everything I wanted in a cigarette alternative. They’re smooth, the menthol was present but not overpowering, completely satisfies my urge for the occasional smoke. I wish they sold them in a shop near me, but I’d definitely buy again !

United States United States

huge hit

I will definitely be purchasing these again, I love them! They taste more like cannabis than I had anticipated (that’s entirely on me, I don’t normally smoke anything but tobacco) but paired with the menthol filters it really changed the flavor profile. They’ve been a massive hit in my social group and I’ve been telling all of my smoking friends about them! I’m still working on finishing the first pack I bought, let alone the other two I have on standby.

United States United States

Game changer

you guys have changed the game for me-- I love my Oklahomas. I'm not much of a heavy smoker, so I'm still working on my first pack, but these have really helped me kick the nicotine before it became a problem. I also really love the distinct hemp smell of these over traditional tobacco and, maybe I'm biased, but I find the smoke doesn't stick to my clothes as bad either and dont need to hose down in the cologne before coming back inside after a cigarette. I'll definitely be purchasing from you guys again once I'm through with my first pack!

United States United States

Menthol smokes

It’s been great, we do enjoy them (we are social smokers so we haven’t finished off the pack quite yet) but we have showed a few friends and they enjoyed them as well. The only feedback I can think to give is to improve the menthol level. The pack we got seems to be a small hint of menthol , instead of a more robust menthol you would experience in other name brand Tabasco cigarettes. However overall I’d say they are a solid 8/10 overall and the only little thing missing for us is the slightly stronger menthol flavor. Also, maybe explore a peppermint menthol flavor in the future (like in Marlboro smooth) I think a flavor like that could be popular.