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Our hemp flower (CBD) smokes are designed to take the edge off and help satisfy the urge to smoke. Tobacco-free, nicotine-free, additive-free and non-addictive. 

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A natural, non-addictive smoke

We use all-natural, indoor-grown hemp flower, rich in CBD, which provides a satisfying and smooth smoke. We double lab test our hemp to ensure no harsh chemicals, additives, toxins or pesticides.

Kick the habit

Early research shows that hemp flower may help reduce cravings for nicotine.

Keep the ritual

Designed to smoke and look like your normal cigarette, so you won’t miss your morning coffee and smoke.

Use with Nicotine replacements

Satisfy your oral fixation and use with patches, gums, and other tools.

Enjoy the moment

Our smokes help take the edge off while leaving you highly functional. Good for the morning, afternoon and night.

For the curious
How long does it take to ship?

We process and fulfill orders within 2-3 business days. As of January 2021, the USPS is backed up, so expect shipping to take up to 10 days — though we hope that changes soon! Free shipping applies only to orders shipped within the United States.

Where do you ship? How?

We ship to all fifty states. Our packs are mailed in regular, large, padded white envelopes.

What's in them?

All natural hemp-flower, sourced from California. Our hemp flower has 8% CBD + CBG and trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3%). Don’t worry, you will not get high and it is completely legal in all 50 states. 

What does it smoke like?

It smokes like a light cigarette, and that's on purpose. We don't use any additives or chemicals that are traditionally used and result in a harsher burn. Our smokes also burn a bit faster than a normal cigarette, because we use additive-free paper. 

What is the paper + filter made of?

We use unbleached wood pulp paper as our rolling papers. These burn a bit quicker than normal cigarette paper, but that's because they're additive + chemical free. We also use biodegradable filters made of plant-cellulose.


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United States United States
love these smokes

So far I enjoy these very much would rate 10/10. I haven’t had that “itch” to use any nicotine or tobacco in a few days. The taste is hardly there and there isn’t a bad smell to them which I greatly enjoy. 

Andrew S.
United States United States
Waiting for Menthol

These are FANTASTIC! The drag/ pull feels like regular cigarettes. You get a FULL experience of regular smoking without the need for vaping or other **** fixation tools. I would be a regular subscriber IF there was a menthol alternative made. I need that Extra sting I guess. Will buy again when you have menthol. The price is acceptable, think of a real beef hamburger vs a Mickey D's, plus you paying for what's NOT in them. If you smoke regular cigarettes these are for sure a GREAT replacement

Jordan T.
United States United States
Pleasantly surprised

They’re very smooth and taste good. The CBD makes me very relaxed afterwards. I’m a social smoker, not someone trying to quit so I can’t say how effective they are for quitting. Ive recommended them to friends

Samantha M.
United States United States

They taste so good. They smell a little like hemp and taste like cigarettes but not in an overwhelming way. Seriously love them. The only downside is having to have them shipped and the price point.

Oklahoma Smokes

Thanks Sam! Hopefully these are in stores near you soon!

Rudy R.
United States United States
Pleasantly Surprised

Like most, I've tried other cig replacements (herbal, evapes, etc) and nothing out there quite scratches that itch. If you're comfortable with a cannabis like smell/taste then these are for you. They smell/taste great, come in awesome packaging, and smoke evenly unlike herbal cigarettes (or a poorly rolled J). These help give you that burn in your throat without having to resort to an e-cig or vape. If you're an ex Spirit smoker like myself I recommend cutting the filter in half and you'll be pleasantly surprised by the sensation. They are a little pricey for a full cig replacement, however, they're perfect for parties, garage hangs, or any other activities that may require a light up of some form. Would recommend!

Oklahoma Smokes

Thanks a lot, Rudy. Really appreciate this thoughtful feedback!

United States United States
Oklahoma Smokes

I tried to like these because I bought 3 packs of these and that was my first mistake. I really wanted to like them....I just can’t get past the smell. It’s probably just me and my weird taste in things. These are kind of expensive, so yeah, I really wanted to like them......sorry!

Oklahoma Smokes

Sorry to hear that regina - the smell is similar to cannabis, so totally understand that. Please email us and we'll see how we can remedy!

United States United States
Decent Replacement

Due to medical issues I was asked to quit smoking nicotine. I smoked full bodied American Spirits for years so while this does not offer the same drag, it's a suitable replacement and satisfies my craving to smoke, without leaving me wanting to smoke more. If I'm allowed to say it, it's honestly like smoking a joint taste wise (to be expected) but feels so much cleaner in the lungs than tobacco. Very happy with the product!

Oklahoma Smokes

Thanks for the feedback Jessica, happy to hear it!

Tanya W.
United States United States
Great Change

Pleasant smoothe tasty and good for a change to these instead of Cigarettes. I would enjoy more of them for sure.

Oklahoma Smokes

Thanks Tanya!