CBD Joints: Best CBD Pre Rolls and Hemp Cigarettes of 2022

From pre-rolls to hemp joints, there are more types of CBD cigarettes and hemp cigarettes on the market than ever before. The best CBD cigars and joints are made with organic hemp and coated in a generous amount of high-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil. On the other hand, the typical cigar is a long, thin roll of tobacco wrapped in a leaf. These cigars are linked to many health hazards, including lung cancer and emphysema.

CBD joints are similar to traditional cigars but will not put your health at risk, as they only contain Cannabidiol and minimal to zero THC. Furthermore, CBD pre-rolls are made from hemp flowers and are available in various flavors. Plus, you can find them in different strengths or sizes to suit your needs.

This guide has rounded up the best CBD pre-rolls and hemp cigarettes from different brands. In this article, you’ll learn about each product’s most noticeable features, along with other necessary details to help you make an educated decision when making a purchase. If this sounds good to you, dive in!



Oklahoma Smokes: Pure Hemp CBD Cigarettes

Oklahoma Smokes’ hemp flower cigarettes can help satisfy your urge to smoke. They are free from additives, nicotine, and tobacco, making them non-addictive. They contain 100% organically planted and grown hemp, and 50mg CBD per stick.


  • Comes in menthol and original flavor 
  • Undergoes double lab testing 
  • Available in packs of 1s, 2s, 3s, 5s, and 10s

[Buy on https://itsoklahomas.com/]


Our Top Picks

Exhale Wellness

Packed with Delta 8 strains, you can take your favorite flower wherever you go. Every pack comes with five pre-rolled joints and a dose of convenience. 


  • Comes in discreet boxes 
  • Federal Farm Bill compliant
  • Delta 8 is milder and doesn’t cause intense euphoria 
  • You can also find a variety of ratios to fit your needs 

[Buy on https://www.exhalewell.com/]

Cheef Botanicals

These pre-roll cigars are perfect for people who are always on the go since they’re easy to carry—with five rolls per pack. You also don’t need to set them up when you want a quick smoke. 


  • Premium-quality hemp flower
  • Convenient
  • 100% Naturally Grown
  • Lab-tested
  • Non-GMO
  • Federal Farm Bill compliant

[Buy on https://cheefbotanicals.com/]


Cannaflower created this pre-roll product with the user’s unique preferences in mind by picking unique strains with varying terpene and cannabinoid profiles. You can use it to boost your energy or simply relax and unwind. 


  • Perfect size for solo use or sharing 
  • Contains <0.3% Delta 9 THC
  • Less than 150mg CBD

[Buy on https://cannaflower.com/]

Secret Nature Frosted Kush

This product has a pungent smell of fresh berries and sweet cream. Inhaling or smoking is akin to smelling your favorite dessert. 


  • Indica - Relaxing
  • 20.9% CBD
  • Indoor grown, top shelf

[Buy on https://secretnaturecbd.com/]

Neurogan CBD Rolls

This product is available in packs of 20  breezy, easy, and delicate hemp cigarettes that are tobacco and nicotine-free. 

Every stick contains 60mg of hemp to make you feel calm and peaceful. 


  • Full Spectrum 
  • <0.3% THC content 


[Buy on https://www.neurogan.com/]

Industrial Hemp Farms Caviar Rolls

The maker uses top-shelf, organically grown flowers for this product. Afterwhich, the rolls are infused with terpene-rich cannabinoid distillate for a premium user experience.


  • Each joint comes with 1 gram cannabinoid-rich smokeable
  • Each roll has 250 mg cannabinoid, 20 mg CBG, and 50 mg CBC

[Buy on https://industrialhempfarms.com/]

Redwood Reserves

Aside from its potent effect, the main selling point of this product is its simple yet robust packaging. 


  • Made with CBD flower buds  
  • Ships discreetly 
  • 60 to  100 mg of CBD per stick
  • Free of tobacco and additives

[Buy on https://www.redwoodreserves.com/]

Toast Emerald CBD Cigarettes

This product has a potent effect. However, the advertised potency level is 22% beyond its actual strength. 


  • US-grown hemp flower
  • 100mg of CBD per slice
  • Has CBC, CBG, and other cannabinoids

[Buy on https://wetoast.com/]


About CBD Rolls, Hemp Cigarettes

CBD rolls are a healthy tobacco-free alternative to regular cigarettes that contain no nicotine and do not cause any harm. Some suppliers sell CBD rolls as herbal incense or flavored cigarettes. While they do look like marijuana cigarettes, you won’t get high, as you do with Cannabis.

They are a great way to relax and enjoy the benefits of CBD, and you can use them to reduce anxiety, treat pain, and address sleep issues. They also help with depression and stress. 

Alternatively, CBD hemp cigarettes are a type of cigarette made from the dried leaves of the hemp plant. They are also sometimes called "marijuana cigarettes" or "pot cigarettes." Most of them are free from tobacco and addictive substances like nicotine. They are especially useful for those looking to quit smoking.


The history of CDB rolls and hemp cigarettes is long and complex. The first recorded use of the joint can be traced to Mexico in 1856 when a pharmacist from the  University of Guadalajara mentioned that laborers were mixing Cannabis with tobacco when puffing cigarettes. 

Hemp cigarettes were first made commercially available in the 1930s. However, because hemp is so fibrous and difficult to process into cigarette paper, it wasn't until the 1950s that a company figured out how to make hemp cigarette papers. CDB rolls and filtered cigarettes weren't officially introduced until 1959. 

Today, smoking CBD rolls or blunts are still one of the most popular ways to consume Cannabis.

How Do CBD Pre Rolls and Hemp Cigarettes Work?

There are many ways to consume CBD, but it is most common to smoke or vape it. The most popular method of CBD use is smoking hemp cigarettes or CBD pre-rolls. What makes these CBD products so great is that they come in various flavors and strains, making them fun to try. 

Moreover, many people use these because they are more accessible than other methods. They also help you get your fix without worrying about getting high from THC or other psychoactive substances found in cannabis plants.

CBD works by activating your endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is made up of receptors and other compounds that affect many functions of your body. The ECS is responsible for various bodily functions, including the management of pain, stress, sleep, and inflammation, among others.

If you want to know more about the benefits and advantages of hemp cigarettes, check out this blog post from Oklahoma Smokes. 

What To Look for in a CBD Pre Roll?

There’s a straightforward rule regarding Cannabis: quality over quantity. Here are some factors to help you determine which CBD Pre Roll will work best for you.

Organic and US-grown

The hemp used should be organic and US-grown. Organic hemp crops are grown without pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, or other substances that can harm humans when inhaled or ingested.

Undergoes 3rd-Party Lab Testing

Third-party lab testing is crucial in ensuring that your CBD pre-roll is safe and free of contaminants. The third party should be accredited by a federal laboratory accreditation program, like the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA). 

Ensure it’s Actual CBD, not Hemp

There are different ways to tell if a pre-roll is genuinely made from industrial hemp or just a regular cigarette with some added CBD oil mixed into it:

  • The package does not state “industrial hemp."
  • The packaging should also include information on the number of milligrams (mg) per serving size so that consumers know exactly what their dosage will be before they smoke their first puff.
  • There should be minimal to zero THC in the product.

Pre-rolls Should be Rolled with Care

They should be rolled evenly and tight, so there are no gaps between the bud and the wrap. A good indication of a proper roll is that you can see all of the flowers inside and none outside. This means none of the contents were lost while rolled.

Know How Much CBD is in Each Stick

When shopping for a quality pre-roll, look for a label that gives you the milligrams of CBD in each pre-roll. Be wary if the seller does not provide this information on the label or give it to you when asked, as the product may be contaminated with pesticides or other harmful chemicals if they don't know what's going into their products. 

Pro Tip

“When shopping for pre-rolls, make sure that the product you are buying is properly lab tested. After all, you are trying to do something good for your health, which means that you need to think about a few important things when buying CBD pre-rolls.”


CBD Pre Rolls, Hemp Cigarettes Reviews

Oklahoma Smokes

This product is perfect for people who wish to quit smoking but still want to satisfy their cigarette cravings. They look like traditional cigarettes, except they’re nicotine, tobacco, and additive-free. With these, you’ll be able to keep your routine, satisfy your fixation, and work on what’s making you addicted. 

Each stick contains 50mg of CBD, and their THC content is below 0.3%. With this product, you’ll feel lighter, calmer, and more relaxed. They’re also perfectly suitable for outdoor, all-day consumption.




They’re helpful for people who are trying to quit because it replicates the whole smoking experience

Free shipping promo only applies to orders sent within the United States

Artsy matchbooks and packaging are aesthetically pleasing 

It’s quite pricey at $16 per pack of 20s

Accessible lab testing results

Limited flavors—menthol and original


If you’re ready to make a purchase but also want to check specifics about the product and other details, you can also review the vendor's FAQs. 

Exhale Wellness

Exhale Wellness’ Pre Rolls contain Delta 8 THC, which is milder and less potent than Delta 9 THC and has no psychoactive properties that could make you high. This is a suitable option for people with low THC tolerance and those seeking milder experiences. 

Since the hemp pre-rolls used to make this product contain <0.3% THC, you won’t feel disoriented or impaired after a puff. These cigar rolls are also made from 100% organically grown hemp. 




Comes in 10 different flavors

Limited availability (only in the US)

Provides a relaxing and mellow smoking experience minus the intoxication

Delayed posting of lab results 

Packed safe and tight with premium CBD flower sourced from Colorado and Oregon 

Sub-par customer service chat support 


Cheef Botanicals

Cheef Botanicals claims that their pre-rolls offer the best value on the market. They provide seven grams of high-quality CBD flower per pack, with no additives, artificial flavoring, or preservatives. This is what sets them apart from other retailers providing lower prices. 

Their pre-rolls are also ideal for those looking for an easily-accessible alternative to smoking marijuana.




Offers full-body relaxation

Simple packaging, not so enticing

Fast-acting, potent product

Some flavors could be too strong for first-time users

Customers have many flavor options



Cannaflower’s 1g pre-rolls contain 150mg of CBD and are perfect for sharing. Pre-rolled for convenience, these joints feature a soft roll designed to fit your lifestyle.

Furthermore, these pre-rolls are beautifully designed to relieve pain, anxiety, and stress quickly. They are manufactured with natural hemp and kief, packed in recyclable containers, and packaged in an elegant box that makes them an excellent gift.




Great price

Lab report doesn’t tackle heavy metals, pesticides, and other content-safety issues

No trim, 100% flower

Flavor could be too potent but also quickly fades

Easily accessible lab results

No discussion or notice on right dosage


Secret Nature Frosted Kush

Frosted Kush is the ideal choice for an afternoon session or before bedtime. It’s a creamy, refreshing hybrid that takes you to a place of deep relaxation, where stress starts to melt away. This strain is also ideal for night or day usage.

Moreover, it has a sweet flavor and aroma of blueberry, berry, and tropical fruit, balanced by earthy and spicy notes. It’s like breathing in your favorite dessert.




Powerful effect because of high-quality hemp used 

Certificate of Analysis (COA) lower than advertised

Potency can be proven by lab tests

Packaging is too tight

1-gram pre-roll can be used in two sessions

Pricey hemp products 


Neurogan CBD Rolls

Neurogan’s hemp cigarettes are ideal for those looking for a relaxing experience. Each stick contains 60mg of hemp, which is perfect for beginning users. 

These cigarettes are a great way to quit smoking or reduce your intake, but the price is on the higher end of recreational cigarettes.




Made from 100% US-grown hemp

Quite pricey

Potent yet calming effects

Tastes just like a cigarette

Burns perfectly

Some users could feel a harsh throat sensation


Industrial Hemp Farms Caviar Rolls

Industrial Hemp Farm’s Premium Caviar  CBD pre-rolls are crafted with a high gram weight to provide that all-day buzz. 

Their hemp flower is packed with terpenes, an essential oil that is responsible for giving the moon rocks their hallucinogenic feel. They infuse each joint with CBD distillate, providing you with a light, smooth, and enjoyable smoke without any adverse side effects.





Low visibility customer reviews

Overall relaxing effect 

No prescribed dosage indicated on the website

Aesthetically pleasant packaging

Hard to find COAs


Redwood Reserves

Redwood Reserves’ CBD cigarettes offer a great all-around option. Each stick contains 60 to 100mg of natural Cannabidiol, which has calming effects and a pleasant taste. Furthermore, the cigarettes are made of paper and are sturdy enough to roll up without breaking. 

You can easily smoke them, as they taste good and will make you feel good. They’re a fantastic choice for those that want to try CBD but still have doubts about it.




Simple yet powerful packaging

Could be harsh to the throat for first-time users

Noticeable potent hemp taste

Not certified as organic

Made with CBD-rich flowers

Latest lab report is still 2021



Toast Emerald CBD Cigarettes

Toast Emerald’s CBD Rolls are some of the best smoking options if you’re looking for a premium product with a high CBD content and a decent price tag. 

These cigarettes provide a similar experience to smoking a joint but without the harshness on your throat. You get the same comfort and smoothness of vaping with none of the scarring or harshness that comes with traditional analog cigarettes.




Luxurious, magnetic packaging


Smoke smoothly and evenly

Advertised potency is 22% over than actual

Enjoyable, potent CBD effects


Looking for the Best CBD Pre Rolls and Hemp Cigarettes? Visit Oklahoma Smokes!

You may now be curious about trying some of these CBD and Hemp products and which vendor to choose. Luckily for you, Oklahoma Smokes can not only provide you with products of incredible quality but also inform you to protect your health.

Oklahoma Smokes provides the perfect balance between potency, safety, and price among the items and brands on the list. Our hemp cigarettes will make you feel calm and relaxed without the THC high. Despite these good feelings, you won’t feel harshness on your throat whether you’re a first-time or nth-time user. 

On top of that, our brand also has your interest at heart. To prove that, you can check out their website for quick yet comprehensive explanations of their products, honest customer reviews, and helpful guides. 

If you’re ready to make a purchase, get in touch with Oklahoma Smokes by calling them at 973-314-9105 or emailing them at howdy@itsoklahomas.com. 


FAQs on CBD Joints 

1. Do CBD pre-rolls get you high?

No, they won’t get you high. These joints only contain less than 0.3% THC. At this level, the THC will not accumulate in your body in sufficient amounts to warrant intoxication.


2. What are CBD pre-Rolls good for?

The answer to this question would depend on the strain. However, in general, CBD pre-rolls can help you feel relaxed and calm. They can also relieve stress and improve your overall mood. They are also free from tobacco and nicotine, making them perfect for those that are trying to quit smoking.


3. Are hemp cigarettes CBD?

Hemp cigarettes contain CBD, and they’re like the usual cigarettes, except that it contains smokable hemp instead of tobacco. You could say that they’re CBD cigarettes because the content may vary, but it’s mostly from industrial hemp to other strains with higher CBD levels.