Hemp Cigarettes: 9 Benefits You Didn't Know About

While the potential risks and health issues associated with smoking tobacco continue to rise, the range of potential health and lifestyle benefits associated with hemp and CBD-based products continues to expand. 

Hemp, a form of cannabis and a natural source of CBD, is a great alternative to tobacco-based products. 

These are the known, and unknown benefits associated with hemp cigarettes -- let’s dive in and you may just learn something new! 

What is Hemp?

Over the years, cannabis would find its way around the world, being grown for a wide range of uses. In some regions, cannabis was grown for its psychoactive effects, i.e. the feeling of being high. 

In other regions, cannabis was grown for a wide range of uses such as clothing, as a plant-based fat within food, paper production, building material production, and to promote a healthy body thanks to its cannabidiol (CBD) content -- this use of cannabis would later be defined by hemp.

While hemp and marijuana are similar and derive from the same base plant, the primary psychoactive element of marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is virtually absent in hemp. By law, hemp may only have up to 0.3% THC by volume, which is nowhere near enough to get you even a little high. 

While there is no minimum or maximum when it comes to CBD levels within hemp since it’s not an intoxicating compound, many growers have pushed towards increased levels within their plants so these plants act not only as a fiber source, but also can be used for CBD oils, lotions, and other uses. 

9 Benefits of Smoking Hemp 

As more and more smokers begin lighting up hemp, a deeper understanding is needed into the ideas of its health benefits compared to its health risks. 

While CBD is associated with a wide range of health benefits, smoking any substance in large amounts can naturally create health risks, so it’s important to use hemp based products responsibly. 

#1: It’s the fastest way to receive CBD. 

CBD is known to relax the body and promote a wide range of health benefits. 

While CBD can be found in tablets, gummies, drinks, and various other forms, they take time to dissolve into your body through these methods since CBD infused into a food or drink product must be digested before the body can utilize it. 

Smoking CBD is the fastest way to receive your intended dose, since it’s inhaled directly into the lungs where it can be absorbed into the bloodstream and distributed through the body almost immediately. 

#2: It can help you curb tobacco and marijuana use.

If you’re trying to pull away from tobacco or marijuana use, hemp cigarettes may be helpful.

Hemp cigarettes allow you to light up and smoke like usual but with a far healthier substance. Not only do you eliminate the intake of addictive nicotine, you also cut the synthetic additives, and other toxins found in tobacco cigarettes. 

Hemp is also a great marijuana alternative since CBD effects are often what’s sought after when smoking marijuana; hemp gives you the CBD intake without the psychoactive chemical THC. If getting high isn’t your thing but you’re looking for the relaxation and soothing benefits, hemp cigarettes are a perfect alternative. 

Hemp-based products also work great for smokers who want to step away from smoking addiction all together since hemp has no addictive chemicals. This means you can smoke hemp and work through your chemical dependency. Once you have removed nicotine from your system, you can work towards smoking less and less until you reach your end-goal of becoming smoke free. 

#3: It’s legal now. 

While CBD may have no psychoactive effects, it is known to relax the body and ultimately make you just feel good, while being 100% legal. 

This means hemp cigarettes which are packed with CBD may be a great option for removing a bit of stress. You can even add them to a night of relaxing and drinking to help you unwind a bit. 

Consider using hemp instead of marijuana at your next party as a great way to relax responsibly. When many people smoke weed, they actually crave effects from CBD such as soothing tension and discomfort through the body and mind. 

With hemp use being legal, you no longer need to think about where or what you’ll be doing that day before lighting up. Since hemp has no psychoactive effects, you run no risk of driving or working under the influence. 

While hemp may have very, very slight amounts of THC, the less than 0.3% is highly unlikely to show on any form of a drug test.

#4: The hemp industry is highly regulated, making for higher quality end products. 

A major value to smoking and using hemp based products is how heavily regulated hemp products are. 

While regulation creates difficulty during the growing and sales process, as a consumer, regulation means knowing that you are receiving exactly what you paid for. Products must be grown and advertised precisely. 

When buying from a manufacturer or other highly trusted source, there will always be some method of finding lab results representing the products you're purchasing, usually labeled “lab results” or similar. 

#5: Hemp smokes smell way better than cigarettes.  

When comparing the smell of hemp cigarettes to tobacco cigarettes, hemp without a doubt takes the win. 

Tobacco is a very harsh and unpleasant smell that has a tendency to stick to clothing, vehicles, walls, hair, and nearly every material and surface. This is often referred to as “third-hand smoke,” and not only smells bad, but can be harmful to anyone's health that comes in contact with the surfaces. 

Hemp on the other hand smells natural, but also pleasant. The smell is often compared to the smell of fresh cut grass, or cannabis, which is a major improvement from tobacco. 

#6: You can get your taste and smell back while still smoking.

Smoking tobacco not only smells bad, but the harsh smoke can damage your sense of smell and taste. 

With the smooth nature of hemp smoke, you can start to heal from the damage caused by tobacco, and in many cases your sense of smell and taste will at least partially return. The hemp smoke is less harsh, causing less overall irritation to your body. 

#7: It’s an ideal alternative to vapes, too. 

When vaping first became popularized, the idea was that it was a safe alternative to smoking. Over the years a wide range of health issues and breathing issues have arisen from vaping, making its role as a cigarette alternative questionable to say the least. 

While vapes are also used as an alternative to tobacco use, the vape juices can be manufactured in a wide range of methods. The base oils used for the juices often differ, which could create the question of what you're actually purchasing. This causes many smokers to stick with a brand they have used before even if it’s not the best quality. The added flavors and methods of flavoring also vary widely within vape juices, with some juices holding even higher levels of nicotine than you’d get from smoking cigarettes. 

With the strict regulation on hemp, you know what you're purchasing and you know that the CBD in hemp can actually benefit you versus just filling a gap. 

#8: Hemp is versatile. 

While hemp cigarettes are a popular alternative focused on assisting cigarette smokers on their path to reduced tobacco use, raw hemp products can be found in a wide range of forms. 

For individuals who want to roll their own cigarettes, hemp leaf can be found in a similar form to loose leaf tobacco products. This also opens the opportunity to mix hemp/tobacco blends and slowly move towards pure hemp as a means of nicotine regulation. 

For marijuana smokers using hemp to quit, hemp pre-rolls and flower can create a similar experience to your normal use. Pre-rolls look and feel similar to a joint, while also providing the same taste and smell to help you move away from the psychoactive effects of THC. Hemp flowers come in similar packaging as marijuana and are a great method to pull yourself away from THC and cannabis use. 

#9: Smoking hemp can ultimately be good for the planet.

Using hemp-based products are more than just beneficial to you, they are beneficial to the hemp industry as a whole. While the world has used hemp for fabrics, building materials, paper, and much more, the U.S. has missed out on this opportunity until recent years because of hemp’s misguided inclusion in the war on drugs. 

By purchasing hemp-based products, we encourage the growth, research, and production of hemp. 

To give you an idea of the potential of hemp grown to produce paper products, you would expect to harvest 34x as often, producing 2-4x as much paper per acre compared to trees. This creates a renewable resource that is great for consumption and production while also being great for the environment. 


As research continues to reveal the very serious dangers associated with tobacco use, hemp research continues to make major strides towards the value and benefits of this multi talented plant.

It’s time to take control of your smoking habits and work your way towards a healthier lifestyle with hemp cigarettes, so come join the countless happy customers who have switched to Oklahoma Smokes on their way to becoming smoke-free. 


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