Everything You Need To Know About Hemp Wraps

Hemp, or industrial hemp, is a highly versatile variety of the Cannabis sativa plant. It has many uses, especially in the production of various industrial and commercial hemp products, such as textiles and clothing, rope, paper, bioplastics, and biofuel. It even has applications in construction due to hemp fibers having high strength and flexibility.

Despite being in the same family and even the same species as other cannabis plants, industrial hemp has lower levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) than what is found in recreational marijuana. Moreover, the accepted threshold for THC in hemp is only around 0.3 percent, while other cannabis plants could have a THC content of up to 28 percent.

One hemp product now rising in popularity is hemp wraps, often enjoyed by people who like to roll their own cigarettes. Read on to learn more about this all-natural smoking alternative. 

What Are Hemp Wraps?

Hemp wraps are thin, flat sheets of paper—thicker than standard rolling papers—made from hemp and designed as an alternative to traditional tobacco-based blunt wraps. They could either be made from thin paper sheets rolled in cannabis material, or made wholly from organic hemp fibers mashed into a pulp, rolled into thin sheets, and left to dry.

These sheets are then cut into smaller pieces, just enough for people to use them to roll their own herbs and concoctions. Sometimes, these hemp wraps are also infused with various scents and flavors, enhancing the smoking experience.

Since hemp does not have a high THC content, one can use it much like regular wrapping paper. Unlike regular marijuana, hemp wraps will not induce a high commonly associated with other recreational varieties of cannabis. 

Aside from adding possible flavor (if one chooses a flavored variant), tobacco-free hemp wraps, when used for smoking, are completely neutral and will not affect the herbs or substances you decide to smoke in them.

Many choose to use hemp wraps due to them being completely organic. No additives are incorporated into the hemp during production, making them a lot safer than traditional rolling papers. 

Also, they are completely legal. Through the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018—also known as the Farm Bill of 2018—large-scale hemp production became authorized on a federal level, and hemp and hemp seeds were no longer put under the Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA) schedule of controlled substances.

The bill's passage has led to a thriving industrial hemp industry, now including the production of various hemp and hemp seed products, with hemp wraps among them.

Differences Between Hemp and Blunt Wraps

Hemp wraps and blunt wraps are often confused with one another, especially because both serve the same purpose, which is to act as a container for any herb or substance one wishes to smoke. Let's go over some of their fundamental differences.

Blunt Wraps

A "blunt" is the colloquial name for a marijuana cigar. A blunt wrap is a sheet that holds a blunt together. It is often made from tobacco leaves, much like a standard cigar. They could also be scented or flavored as per the users' preference. 

Traditional blunt wraps are also usually thicker than hemp wraps, making them a bit sturdier. However, they will also produce a lot more smoke than hemp wraps.

Due to the blunt wrap's tobacco content, they also often contain nicotine—unless stated otherwise—which some people prefer.

However, much like regular tobacco cigarettes, tobacco blunt wraps also come with the adverse side effects of traditional cigarettes. Even if the tobacco is farmed organically with natural fertilizers, it may still contain harmful chemicals like nicotine, carbon monoxide, and tar, which become even more harmful through smoking.

Hemp Wraps

Often considered a healthier alternative to regular blunt wraps, hemp wraps are made from industrial hemp pulp pressed into thin sheets to form wraps that people can use to create their blunts.

Like regular blunt wraps, hemp wraps also come in various flavors that suit the user's preference. But unlike tobacco wraps, hemp wraps do not add intense flavors. Still, hemp does have a light, earthy taste and aroma, though not as strong and distinct as tobacco. Hemp wraps also burn slower and more evenly than regular blunts, helping enhance the overall smoking experience. 

Although the act of smoking and ingesting secondhand smoke is inherently unhealthy, hemp wraps are healthier than blunt wraps, to an extent. Hemp wraps, especially those made from organic hemp, do not contain impactful amounts of nicotine, heavy metals, carbon monoxide, or other harmful substances, unlike tobacco wraps and other products. 

Furthermore, organic hemp is a GMO-free product and isn't farmed using chemical fertilizers or growth stimulants. Hemp wraps also produce less smoke, helping you and the people around you inhale fewer pollutants.

Benefits of Using Hemp Wraps

If you're considering getting hemp wraps for your next smoking session, you could be in for a treat. Aside from serving as a tool to help you smoke your herbs and other substances, using hemp wraps does have its benefits.

100% Organic

Hemp wraps are made from 100 percent organic material. This means that the hemp plants from which the hemp wrap fibers are sourced are grown organically. 

Nowadays, industrial farming usually involves the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides or artificial growth stimulants to ensure yield and consistency. However, these methods cause significant harm to the environment and human health, causing pollution and altering the chemistry of the area it is used in.

Aside from the farming process, the production of hemp wraps involves no extra additives, not even glue, ensuring a healthier, cleaner burn that will help you feel more secure about the contents of your blunt.


Tobacco has a strong and distinct smell and taste, which some people thoroughly enjoy. However, some people don’t and may want to consider switching to hemp wraps instead of using traditional tobacco wraps for their blunts.

Smoking is already an inherently unhealthy habit, mainly due to one having to inhale smoke into their lungs. Tobacco blunt wraps, in particular, are notorious for producing a lot of smoke due to their thickness and the nature of the material.

Also, not only are hemp wraps more lightweight than tobacco wraps, but they also contain fewer harmful chemicals—such as nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide, among others—than tobacco products.

Assorted Flavors

If you'd like to experience other tastes aside from hemp's more natural, earthy aroma, many hemp wrap brands also offer different flavors that further enhance the smoking experience.

The most common varieties revolve around fruit flavors, such as mango, papaya, blueberry, grape, and strawberry. 

Mild Natural Flavor

Should you choose to forgo the flavored hemp wraps, hemp's natural flavor won't leave you disappointed. Like many natural materials, hemp has an earthy taste, but not so intense that it ends up affecting anything else you might be smoking.

The mild, relatively neutral flavor of hemp will not interfere with any herb blends or other substances you wish to smoke with it. 

Slow Burn

When smoking, one usually wants to make the most out of their herbs and enjoy every last bit of it. Fast-burning blunt wraps or rolling papers could waste a significant amount of your product.

On the other hand, hemp wraps burn much slower and a lot more evenly than regular blunt wraps, allowing you to enjoy your blunt or cigar for a more extended period and not worrying whether you're losing any of your precious herbs.

Did you know?

“You can enjoy all the benefits of a hemp wrap without worrying about resin buildup or pesky chemicals. Furthermore, it keeps hands clean, preventing unwanted bacteria from entering the smoking process.”

How Did Hemp Wraps Revolutionize the Smoking Industry?

The hemp industry involves producing a wide variety of products, like hemp papers, hemp fabric, and hemp seed oil, among others. Nearly every single part of the hemp plant is valuable, from the hemp leaf to its seeds and fibers. Nothing goes to waste in production.

Now that hemp wraps have entered the smoking industry, it has become a viable and preferable alternative to regular blunt wraps, expanding the options for smokers all over the world. Here’s why hemp wraps are taking over the smoking industry.

Cleaner Burn

A cleaner burn from your hemp wraps means it produces little to no ash or embers when smoking. This means you aren't wasting a lot of material when smoking with hemp wraps, effectively giving you more value for your money.

This benefit also comes in handy if you're camping or smoking outside. No ash and embers means a more straightforward cleanup process which is particularly useful if you're in a strict space or live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

More Efficient Than a Pipe

Pipes and wraps often produce different kinds of highs, and using one or the other could give you a different smoking experience. Most times, choosing a pipe or a blunt wrap is a matter of personal preference.

However, pipes do tend to produce more intense burns that are difficult to control, especially for beginner smokers. 

Meanwhile, blunts made with hemp wraps help produce a more gentle stream of smoke that is easier to control, reducing the risk of inhaling too much smoke or wasting your herbs. Hemp wrap blunts also burn more evenly, adding to their efficiency.

Hemp Wrap Blunts and Joints Taste Better

If you like to bask in the flavors of whatever you are smoking, hemp wraps are the way to go. Unlike tobacco wraps, hemp isn't as strong and overpowering, allowing you to enjoy the subtleties and flavor profiles of the herbs you choose to smoke.

Even without any artificial flavoring, hemp's natural aroma is mild and pleasant, making it the perfect vessel to smoke whatever plants, herbs, or substances you want.

Safer Than Rolling Papers

Traditional rolling papers often contain glues and additives used in their production. These chemicals often affect the burn of your joint or blunt.

Organic hemp wraps usually contain no additives, preservatives, or any harmful chemicals, making them a healthier and all-natural alternative to traditional rolling papers and tobacco wraps for rolling joints and blunts.

Are Hemp Wraps Safe To Use?

As an activity, smoking is inherently unhealthy and can cause significant damage to your lungs and respiratory system. However, if you still choose to smoke, hemp wraps are a much safer alternative to traditional cigars, cigarettes, joints, or blunt wraps.

Unlike tobacco, hemp is completely non-addictive. Even though it is still a strain of Cannabis sativa, the industrial hemp plant is more prized for its practical purposes. It does not contain high amounts of cannabinoids like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). For this reason, you cannot get addicted to hemp.

On the other hand, tobacco contains many harmful substances, such as nicotine, carbon monoxide, lead, and ammonia. These substances persist even in secondhand smoke, affecting the people around you as well.

The nicotine in tobacco is also highly addictive. This chemical offers a fleeting high, but it will have you reaching for another cigarette in no time, and then another, and another. It's very easy to develop nicotine dependence and even more difficult to stop.

If you'd rather not develop a chemical dependency on nicotine and tobacco or are planning to quit, it might be time to switch to nicotine-free hemp wraps as a better alternative for your smoking needs.

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The hemp plant is very versatile. Its uses include clothing, textiles, rope, nutrition, and biofuel—it even has industrial applications in the construction industry. When hemp wrap manufacturers entered the scene, this only added one more hemp product to this wonder plant's roster.

Natural hemp wraps are an excellent way to smoke your herbs of choice without worrying about inhaling harmful chemicals and additives into your system. They also make for a better smoking experience through a slow, even burn that allows you to enjoy each puff of your herb blends.

If you're planning on quitting smoking, hemp wraps, hemp cigarettes, and other hemp products could be especially beneficial in helping you minimize your nicotine exposure. 

We at Oklahoma Smokes offer high-quality hemp products and educational content to help you in your smoking journey.

Hemp is quickly becoming a popular material for medicinal and recreational purposes, among numerous other uses. Check out Oklahoma Smokes for more useful resources about hemp and other tobacco-free products.

FAQs on Everything You Need to Know About Hemp Wraps

Do hemp wraps expire?

Yes, hemp wraps can go bad with time or if stored improperly. You should keep them in resealable bags or an airtight container to help prolong their freshness.

Do hemp wraps burn slowly?

Yes, hemp wraps have a slow, even burn that ensures a longer-lasting, more pleasant smoking experience.

Are hemp wraps addictive?

No, as the hemp used to make hemp wraps is cultivated for industrial purposes and does not typically contain addictive chemicals. Even in cases where hemp wraps end up containing harmful metals or contaminants, the amounts are small enough to be insignificant—especially when compared to nicotine-containing tobacco-based blunt wraps.